EcoMoissanite 100% Recycled Precious Metals

100% Recycled Metals

All our jewelry is created using only the finest 100% recycled precious metals. Our mission at EcoMoissanite is not only to create beautiful jewelry, but to walk a path of ethical and sustainable business practices, honoring ecology, the very world from which our brand was inspired. One of the beauties of precious metals is that they can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of their quality. Gold refined and recycled multiple times is actually as good as gold freshly mined.

Mining is well known to be an industry full of unethical practices, from environmental damage to poor working conditions. It is estimated that for every ounce of gold, up to 20 tons of waste is being generated with mercury and cyanide being the two main pollutants used in the process. Gold mining is the biggest source of mercury pollution worldwide. Leaked into waters and the atmosphere this toxic substance has a devastating impact on both ecosystems and human lives.

Providing high quality jewelry that can stand the test of time is an integral part of our mission towards a more sustainable future. All our settings are perfectly handmade, using more metal per ring than other jewelers with like models and are made under both environmental and ethical conditions. By doing this we can guarantee your jewelry to be conflict free and of the highest quality and integrity.

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