EcoMoissanite is committed to its mission to integrate sustainable business practices. We continuously innovate in order to improve our finished products and services. We work in a sustainable manner and we take an active role when it comes to the protection of the environment. For this reason, we have adopted a paperless policy and we tirelessly act responsibly to avoid any negative environmental impact. We do not send printed materials to our customers and we aim to reduce outgoing and incoming paper to as close to zero as possible. We save resources and energy by avoiding any form of printing and we ask all our partners to do the same when possible. Additionally, being paperless helps us streamline our organization and increase efficiency.

  • All documents produced while conducting our business are electronic.
  • All customer interaction is achieved through electronic mediums.
  • We do not use fax machines or photocopiers.
  • On the rare occasions where letters are sent to us, once processed, any paper is carefully destroyed and recycled.

EcoMoissanite Paperless Policy

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