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Welcome to our FAQ page. Here, we address your most common questions about moissanite and our range of lab-grown gemstones. From understanding the unique qualities of moissanite to learning about our customization options, payment methods, and shipping policies, we have compiled detailed answers to assist you. Whether you are new to moissanite or a seasoned gem enthusiast, our FAQ aims to provide clear and helpful information to enhance your experience with our brand. Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Born from a meteorite that fell in Arizona over 50,000 years ago, moissanite is a rare and unique gemstone that sets the standard for a new category of sustainable gemstones. The Nobel-Prize winner chemist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered moissanite in a meteor crater in 1893. Dr. Moissan identified the crystals as a new mineral known today as Silicon Carbide (SiC).

Our moissanite resembles diamonds and is indistinguishable from them with the naked eye. Diamonds have a refractive index (brilliance) of 2.42, while our moissanite has 2.65. IceMoissanite has more than double the dispersion of diamonds (0.044) at a grade of 0.104. Therefore, IceMoissanite's brilliance and fire exceed the one of diamonds. In addition, the hardness of a diamond is 10, and moissanite is second at 9.25.

Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia (CZ) have very little in common except that they belong to the category of "diamond simulants" or "artificial diamonds." The most significant difference is that cubic zirconium does not have the brilliance of moissanite, and it is way softer. Because it is easily scratched, Cubic zirconium becomes dull and clouded during everyday wear and looks like a piece of salt rock over time.

Lab-grown gemstones offer many benefits. They are more affordable than natural gemstones of comparable quality and size. They are also more environmentally and ethically sustainable since they are grown in controlled lab conditions. Additionally, lab-grown gemstones often have fewer inclusions or impurities than natural ones, making them appear more brilliant.

We do! We offer lab-grown Luminaqua, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, purple sapphires, padparadscha stones, and more. When you buy a lab-grown gem, you do not have to worry about mining, war conflict, or ethical and environmental issues. Our gemstones possess the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as the naturally occurring ones.

Luminaqua is a lab-grown gemstone closely resembling the extremely rare Paraiba tourmaline. Its distinctive neon-blue color, impeccable clarity, and remarkable 8.5 Mohs hardness are achieved through a unique proprietary process, making the gemstone perfect for everyday wear. Like moissanite, it is grown in a lab using sustainable and ethical practices.

We offer IceMoissanite gemstones. Their specifications are comparable to DEF (colorless) and VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) clarity diamonds and are almost perfect on the 4Cs scale. With a Mohs Scale hardness of 9.25, our moissanite is more durable than emeralds, rubies, and sapphires and second only to diamonds. Each IceMoissanite gemstone purchase includes a limited lifetime warranty certifying its exceptional optical qualities.

Yes, moissanite is a popular choice for engagement rings. Its exceptional brilliance and affordability make it an excellent option for a unique and affordable engagement ring. Moissanite is the perfect choice for all jewelry styles, such as earrings, pendants, bracelets, and more. The wide range of colors offered makes moissanite an excellent option for all types of jewelry.

At EcoMoissanite, we specialize in custom-made rings and jewelry. We offer a concierge service that allows you to work with our designers to create the custom jewelry of your dreams. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or jewelry piece to celebrate a milestone, our team will work with you to design a masterpiece to mark your special occasion.

We have made it easy for you to own our products by providing various payment methods. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, and the ever-reliable payment service, PayPal. You can check all our payment methods by clicking here.

Our ring size options are standard US size. Feel free to use our ring size chart and conversion table to confirm your ring size before placing your custom order by clicking here. Alternatively, you can visit a local jeweler and ask for a ring size measurement.

When you place a custom order, our work begins immediately. Each piece of jewelry we offer is handmade by our master goldsmiths. Production and dispatch take approximately 3-5 weeks from the time of the design approval. We ship our loose gemstones within 5-15 days.

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping, regardless of your location. Your package will be discreetly shipped in a plain box to ensure privacy. You will also receive an e-mail with the tracking number once the courier service picks up your parcel.

The customs office of the destination country or region may impose customs fees, import duties, taxes, and other charges on your international order. These additional charges required for customs clearance are the responsibility of the recipient. When your order arrives at customs, either the carrier or the customs office will contact you directly to arrange the payment of any additional charges that may be due. You can read our shipping policy by clicking here.

Order confirmation e-mails may take up to thirty (30) minutes to reach your inbox. Please make sure to check your spam folder. If you still have not received your confirmation e-mail, please contact us.

As long as you contact us immediately regarding the error in your address, we will be happy to change it for you. Just e-mail us your full, correct address and your order number, and we will update the details.

No! Moissanite is a durable and long-lasting gemstone. It is highly resistant to scratches, abrasions, breaking, and chipping. Moissanite can retain its brilliance and beauty for many years with proper care and maintenance. It is essential to avoid exposing moissanite to harsh chemicals and to have it professionally cleaned and inspected periodically.

Moissanite can be cleaned and cared for in the same way as diamonds. We recommend regular cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water, followed by thorough rinsing and drying. Avoid exposing your gemstones and jewelry to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, which can cause discoloration and damage to the stone. You can read our care guide by clicking here.

Yes, our comprehensive warranty means confidence when buying fine jewelry online. All our gemstones and jewelry are individually inspected before shipment to meet the strictest quality standards. You can read more about our warranty terms by clicking here.

In this unlikely event, we kindly ask you to contact us to evaluate and resolve any issues accordingly. We are not responsible for any damages caused by normal wear and tear. Our warranty does not include loss, theft, disappearance, or loss of the optical properties of the gem due to incidental or intentional damage such as scraping, breakage or chipping.

Please be advised that custom designs and products purchased during our special site-wide sale are non-refundable. However, items purchased (unworn, with tags, in original packaging) can be returned only for store credit or direct size exchange. Credit or exchange requests will only be honored within 30 days of placing your order. You can read more about our return policy by clicking here.

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