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Resizing & Repairs

EcoMoissanite has partnered with Quick Jewelry Repairs to provide a full range of professional jewelry resizing, cleaning, and repair services. Their intuitive online platform and insured shipping process make it easy to reclaim all the eye-catching qualities of your beloved jewelry.

Skilled artisans ensure that every piece receives the utmost care and attention to detail. With their swift turnaround times, you can enjoy your restored jewelry sooner than expected. Rely on EcoMoissanite and Quick Jewelry Repairs for expertly handling your precious items.

Sizing & Resizing

The master goldsmiths at Quick Jewelry Repairs can professionally size your gold or platinum rings to fit your finger perfectly. Additionally, ring resizing services are available for all ring sizes.

Cleaning & Polishing

Your valuable jewelry should be professionally maintained to prevent potential damage. Quick Jewelry Repairs offers cleaning and polishing services to make your jewelry sparkle like new.

Ring Repairs

Unfortunate events should not cost you your favorite piece of jewelry. Whether it's a cracked ring or a broken prong, the expert staff at Quick Jewelry will promptly suggest the best solutions possible.

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At IceMoissanite, our gemstone specialists are dedicated to surpassing your expectations and providing exceptional service. We recognize each customer’s individuality and are here to assist you in every way possible.

One-to-One Approach

Receive personalized gemstone recommendations based on your jewelry style and preferences.

Priority Access

Enjoy exclusive access to limited-edition gemstone collections before they are released.

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