Moissanite Size Chart

Moissanite is the most popular eco-friendly diamond alternative. Our moissanite stones are lab-grown, always upholding the highest ethical and environmental standards. As a result, the stones we offer have an astonishing white light reflection, also known as brilliance. In fact, our moissanite’s brilliance outclasses the one of diamonds by a mile and a half, and this is because it has no natural flaws.

Wondering how big a 1 carat round moissanite is? The size chart below will help you convert millimeters (mm) size to Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) for Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite. This cut boasts 58 facets and offers exceptional brilliance. Thanks to its timeless appearance, the Round Cut has been the most popular choice in engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets for centuries.

Moissanite Size Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW)
0.8 mm. 0.0025 ct.
1 mm. 0.005 ct.
1.15 mm. 0.0067 ct.
1.12 mm. 0.0075 ct.
1.25 mm. 0.01 ct.
1.3 mm. 0.01 ct.
1.5 mm. 0.015 ct.
1.75 mm. 0.02 ct.
1.8 mm. 0.025 ct.
2 mm. 0.03 ct.
2.25 mm. 0.04 ct.
2.5 mm. 0.06 ct.
2.75 mm. 0.08 ct.
3 mm. 0.11 ct.
3.25 mm. 0.14 ct.
3.5 mm. 0.17 ct.
3.75 mm. 0.21 ct.
4 mm. 0.25 ct.
4.25 mm. 0.28 ct.
4.5 mm. 0.36 ct.
4.75 mm. 0.44 ct.
5.0 mm. 0.50 ct.
5.25 mm. 0.56 ct.
5.5 mm. 0.66 ct.
5.75 mm. 0.75 ct.
6 mm. 0.84 ct.
6.25 mm. 0.93 ct.
6.5 mm. 1.00 ct.
6.8 mm. 1.25 ct.
Moissanite Size Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW)
7 mm. 1.30 ct.
7.3 mm. 1.50 ct.
7.5 mm. 1.67 ct.
7.75 mm. 1.75 ct.
8 mm. 2.00 ct.
8.25 mm. 2.11 ct.
8.5 mm. 2.43 ct.
8.7 mm. 2.50 ct.
9 mm. 2.75 ct.
9.1 mm. 3.00 ct.
9.5 mm. 3.35 ct.
9.75 mm. 3.61 ct.
10 mm. 3.87 ct.
10.25 mm. 4.16 ct.
10.5 mm. 4.41 ct.
10.75 mm. 4.57 ct.
11 mm. 4.91 ct.
11.25 mm. 5.49 ct.
11.5 mm. 5.85 ct.
12 mm. 6.84 ct.
12.25 mm. 7.26 ct.
12.5 mm. 7.36 ct.
12.75 mm. 7.52 ct.
13 mm. 8.51 ct.
13.5 mm. 9.53 ct.
14 mm. 10.49 ct.
15 mm. 12.89 ct.
16 mm. 16.06 ct.
17 mm. 18.00 ct.


Our moissanite rings offer an astonishing sparkle. From classic solitaires, to halo, to side stone and three-stone engagement rings, the brilliance of our moissanite rings shines through in every way. We offer moissanite rings in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your ideal style. Every ring is flawlessly handcrafted and set in the setting of your liking.

EcoMoissanite offers incredible handmade moissanite earrings, which are ideal for stacking as well as for wearing alone. Our earrings are simple, classy and unique! Our company uses innovative technology and 100% recycled precious metals. Our jewelry designers and craftsmen are experts in their fields. Rest assured, each one of our jewelry strives for perfection!

An EcoMoissanite necklace can be a great gift idea for your loved ones. Our company offers unique moissanite necklace and pendant designs. For this reason, we hope to give you a unique taste of our incredible craftmanship at a fraction of the price of a natural diamond necklace. Discover the idea of eternal love in our collection here.

A moissanite bracelet is the ideal accessory for your significant other or yourself. Our brilliant colorless moissanite bracelets are brimming with fire and brilliance and are perfect for the individuals who need an excellent conversation starter at an affordable price. With a high polished finish, our moissanite bracelets are a necessary addition to any fine jewelry collection.

Loose Moissanite Stones
At EcoMoissanite, we can provide loose moissanite stones in every part of the world. Our Colorless Moissanite Stones are equivalent to DEF Colorless Diamonds. Their incredible VVS1 Clarity, makes them suitable for any engagement ring or custom jewelry. Our company also offers loose moissanite stones in Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Champagne, Grey and Black colors.

Custom Jewelry
Our company provides a dedicated service for purchasing custom made jewelry. No more settling for generic, readymade rings, and the limitations of retail storefronts. We understand that most of our clients love being involved throughout the designing process, so our experience is structured around having them do just that. In case you could not find the ideal piece in our collections please fill in our Contact Form by clicking here.

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