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At EcoMoissanite, we understand that finding the perfect gemstone and jewelry can be difficult, especially when looking for both quality and affordability. Unlike mined stones, our lab-grown gemstones are ethically and sustainably sourced, ensuring that your purchase does not negatively impact the environment. Our gems are just as stunning as natural ones but with even more brilliance and fire at a fraction of the cost. In addition, we offer a warranty on all our products so that you can purchase with confidence. Our knowledgeable customer service team is always available to answer any questions and help you find the perfect piece for you or your loved ones.

Whether you are looking for an anniversary band, a wedding band, or a unique piece of jewelry to celebrate a milestone, we have something for every taste. Our collections boast unique designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. They include a variety of styles, from halo rings and classic solitaires to three-stone designs, eternity rings, and many more. In addition to our wide selection of lab-grown gemstones and jewelry, we also offer a dedicated custom jewelry design service for a truly one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your needs and preferences. Our master jewelry designers will work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams.

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Discover the beauty and brilliance of moissanite, a rare gemstone born from a meteorite that fell in Arizona over 50,000 years ago. First discovered by Nobel-prize winner chemist Dr. Henri Moissan in a meteor crater in 1893, moissanite was once considered impossible to use in jewelry until scientists found a way to grow these brilliant crystals in a lab. Our premium colorless (DEF) IceMoissanite gemstones boast a VVS1 clarity and have 2.4 times more fire and 10% more brilliance and luster than diamonds. They are indeed the ultimate sustainable purchase option, setting them apart from other moissanite brands, often marred by inclusions and impurities. With a Mohs Scale hardness of 9.25, our moissanite is also harder than emeralds, rubies, and sapphires and second only to diamonds. In addition, we offer a wide range of fancy-colored moissanite in pink, blue, green, yellow, champagne, grey, and black - something to suit everyone's taste. This gemstone is perfect for engagement rings, wedding bands, and other custom jewelry.


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Embrace the allure of Luminaqua, the premium lab-grown Paraiba tourmaline alternative. This stunning gemstone embodies the essence of the sea's tranquility with its vibrant blue-green hues, reflecting the ocean's lively colors. Luminaqua is grown with precision, using proprietary technology, which ensures impeccable color, clarity, and durability, making it an ideal choice for daily wear. In addition, Luminaqua's unique origin story, as a gemstone created from the ocean's depths, symbolizes purity, strength, and vitality, igniting the adventurer and explorer within. Discover Luminaqua today and indulge in the beauty and mystique of this extraordinary gemstone, beloved by enthusiasts worldwide.


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We offer a wide range of lab-grown gemstones, perfect for those who are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly fine jewelry. Our diamonds, emeralds, rubies, blue sapphires, pink sapphires, purple sapphires, and padparadscha stones are grown in a laboratory using state-of-the-art technology. They are chemically and optically identical to the natural ones and are graded by the same criteria, ensuring that you will always get the finest quality. In addition, our lab-grown gemstones cost a fraction of the price of mined ones, making them the perfect choice for unique fine jewelry pieces. Choose EcoMoissanite for a stunning, high-quality addition to your treasured collection today.


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Moissanite Size Chart

The weight of gemstones is measured historically in carats (CT), with 1.00 carat equaling 200 milligrams. For example, a 6.50 mm round brilliant diamond has a carat weight of 1.00. A moissanite of the same size (6.50mm) will have an actual carat weight of approximately 0.88 CT or 1.00 CT DEW. Therefore, DEW is used to describe moissanite's diamond equivalent carat weight. Diamonds and moissanite are almost identical in millimeters, but moissanite gemstones are marginally lighter than diamonds. This is because they have a specific gravity of 3.22 grams per cubic centimeter. Therefore, when ordered by millimeter, it is always easier to fit moissanite into available settings.

The size chart below will help you understand the dimensions of our round cut moissanite gemstones. Converting millimeters (mm) to Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW) makes it easy to compare our moissanite to traditional diamonds. The round cut is popular for its 58 facets, which create exceptional brilliance and sparkle. With its classic and timeless design, it is a great choice to ensure maximum brilliance and fire, and it is perfect for any occasion.

Moissanite Size Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW)
0.80 mm. 0.0025 ct.
1.00 mm. 0.005 ct.
1.10 mm. 0.0067 ct.
1.20 mm. 0.009 ct.
1.25 mm. 0.01 ct.
1.30 mm. 0.01 ct.
1.50 mm. 0.015 ct.
1.75 mm. 0.02 ct.
1.80 mm. 0.025 ct.
2.00 mm. 0.03 ct.
2.20 mm. 0.04 ct.
2.50 mm. 0.06 ct.
2.75 mm. 0.08 ct.
3.00 mm. 0.10 ct.
3.25 mm. 0.14 ct.
3.50 mm. 0.17 ct.
3.75 mm. 0.21 ct.
4.00 mm. 0.25 ct.
4.25 mm. 0.28 ct.
4.50 mm. 0.36 ct.
4.75 mm. 0.44 ct.
5.00 mm. 0.50 ct.
5.25 mm. 0.56 ct.
5.50 mm. 0.66 ct.
5.75 mm. 0.75 ct.
6.00 mm. 0.84 ct.
6.25 mm. 0.93 ct.
6.50 mm. 1.00 ct.
6.80 mm. 1.25 ct.
Moissanite Size Diamond Equivalent Weight (DEW)
7.00 mm. 1.30 ct.
7.30 mm. 1.50 ct.
7.50 mm. 1.67 ct.
7.75 mm. 1.75 ct.
8.00 mm. 2.00 ct.
8.25 mm. 2.11 ct.
8.50 mm. 2.43 ct.
8.70 mm. 2.50 ct.
9.00 mm. 2.75 ct.
9.10 mm. 3.00 ct.
9.50 mm. 3.35 ct.
9.75 mm. 3.61 ct.
10.00 mm. 3.87 ct.
10.25 mm. 4.16 ct.
10.50 mm. 4.41 ct.
10.75 mm. 4.57 ct.
11.00 mm. 4.91 ct.
11.25 mm. 5.49 ct.
11.50 mm. 5.85 ct.
12.00 mm. 6.84 ct.
12.25 mm. 7.26 ct.
12.50 mm. 7.36 ct.
12.75 mm. 7.52 ct.
13.00 mm. 8.51 ct.
13.50 mm. 9.53 ct.
14.00 mm. 10.49 ct.
15.00 mm. 12.89 ct.
16.00 mm. 16.06 ct.
17.00 mm. 18.00 ct.

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