At EcoMoissanite, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to delight our customers with every piece of jewelry and moissanite we deliver. We are the world's most innovative and socially responsible gemstones company. Our commitment is aimed at the challenges of the fine jewelry industry, namely cost and quality. For this reason, we believe that everyone deserves to own a premium gemstone at an affordable price point. For a very long time, diamonds dominated the high end gemstones market. This monopoly carried on for decades, with no major disruptions, until moissanite came to be. We do not consider our gemstones to be like diamonds in the traditional sense. Diamonds are usually associated with high costs, conflict funding and environmental harm.

EcoMoissanite offers the highest quality of lab-grown moissanite and diamonds. All our gems are conflict-free, ethically sourced and eco-friendly. Our gemstones do not finance rebel movements and our laboratory facilities follow internationally recognized environmental, labor and trade standards. Our objective is to maintain an ethical and sustainable business, while improving the communities affected by diamond mining. We are focused on protecting the interests of our stockholders by making responsible decisions that show our brand's righteousness and environmental consciousness.

Our vision is to diminish the environmental impact of gemstones mining, by offering a conflict-free, ethically sourced and eco-friendly diamond alternative. We strive to use our business practices as a means to inspire and implement solutions to the ongoing environmental crisis. Every piece of jewelry we offer relies upon impeccable craftsmanship, sought to create by hand to uplift a moissanite’s magnificence. Here at EcoMoissanite, we respect and honor the subtle delicacy that makes a moissanite unique. No company had the ability to enhance and celebrate the true beauty of moissanite the way our company does.


Our Mission Statement

"To challenge the diamond industry monopoly, while protecting the environment and the communities affected by diamond mining."

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