EcoMoissanite certifies the authenticity of its laboratory grown moissanite and confirms that each one of its gems has been individually inspected to meet the strictest standards of quality control. Your moissanite will remain free from damage and changes in color, clarity, brilliance or fire. In addition, EcoMoissanite guarantees that your moissanite is conflict free, ethically sourced and eco-friendly.

In the highly unlikely event that the optical properties of your moissanite gem alter, the jewelry, along with a copy of your electronic receipt should be returned to us. We ask you to contact us promptly so we can evaluate and resolve any issues accordingly. The defective gems will be replaced with a moissanite of the same value, color, clarity, cut and carats. We will gladly repair anything determined to be a manufacturing defect at no cost to you and help you with any other questions in regards to non-warranty damage or upgrade needs you may have.

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures that your gems will maintain their brilliance and fire for centuries to come. As a standard of excellence for industry professionals and moissanite enthusiasts around the globe, EcoMoissanite’s warranty brings confidence when buying moissanite. Our laboratories maintain the highest grading standards and are furnished with cutting-edge gemstone testing equipment. We support the GIA® standards as defined by the GIA® grading laboratories. Every moissanite sold on our website, whether loose or jewelled is of VVS1 clarity and DEF in color.

In line with our paperless policy, EcoMoissanite issues a Limited Lifetime Warranty digitally for every gem over 1.0ct DEW. Within a week after your purchase, you will receive our Limited Lifetime Warranty at your e-mail in a Portable Document Format (PDF) form. The document includes your gem’s information, as well as a micrograph of its ID number, which is laser inscribed on the gem’s griddle. All our digital Limited Lifetime Warranties are digitally signed and secured with cryptographic information.


Security: Our Warranty QR Code (a type of smart electronic warranty label) leads our customers to unique product warranty information without the need to spend time searching and preserving warranty cards as traditionally done. All necessary information will appear on your smart phone in no more than five seconds. The Warranty QR Code includes the date of the document’s issuance and its Warranty Key, a sixteen characters long serial number unique to the document. Our Warranty Key’s sequence is virtually impossible to replicate.

Warranty Registration Instructions: Please visit our warranty registration page and fill in the necessary information at the form provided. If you need to register more than one gem, please complete a different warranty activation form for each item. Gem ID numbers are unique to each moissanite over 6.50 / 1.00ct DEW.

Note: This warranty does not include loss, theft, disappearance, or loss of the optical properties of the gem due to incidental or intentional damage such as scraping, breakage or chipping. While moissanite is extremely durable, just like all fine gemstones, it is not indestructible. Care should be taken to avoid sharp blows when wearing any type of fine jewelry.


Warranty Terms

The terms of our Limited Lifetime Warranty are as follow:

The warranty is effective as of the date of purchase. For jewelry, it is twelve (12) months and a lifetime for moissanite gemstones. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and it is non-transferable to another person.

This limited lifetime warranty covers the optical properties of your moissanite stone, including its brilliance and fire, and the physical integrity of the moissanite stone including chipping, breaking, scratching, and abrasions. It does not cover: damage or defects as a result of or related to accidents, abuse, misuse, loss, or theft of your moissanite gem(s) or jewelry piece(s).

All EcoMoissanite gems and jewelry should be handled exclusively through our craftsmen. If any work is done on them by anyone other than our jewelers, this warranty is null and void. “Any work” includes and means even operations such as sizing, polishing, and tightening of stones. 

You will be responsible for any cost of shipment of your gems or jewelry to EcoMoissanite, and EcoMoissanite will not be responsible for any damage or loss during shipment.

EcoMoissanite reserves the right to repair or replace the warranty item with a new item. Cost(s) to reset any replacement moissanite may apply.

This warranty applies in the United States and may vary in other countries.


Note: Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is provided in a Portable Document Format (PDF). Thus, a PDF reader is required to view the document. If you do not have a PDF reader installed on your computer, you may download a free one by clicking here.

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