EcoMoissanite Resizing and Repairs

EcoMoissanite has partnered with Quick Jewelry Repairs to provide a full range of professional jewelry resizing, cleaning and repair services. Their intuitive online platform and insured shipping process makes it easy for you to reclaim all the eye-catching qualities your EcoMoissanite jewelry was produced to showcase. When you send your jewelry for repair or maintenance, Quick Jewelry Repairs’ experts will take pictures and plot the unique characteristics of your piece. When the repair has been completed, you will be provided with before-and-after pictures.

How It Works


Some of The Services Offered

Sizing & Re-Sizing: It is the process in which a ring’s band is manipulated to fit a larger or a smaller finger. Sounds complicated? Actually, it is not. In fact, once you know the actual size your ring needs to be, the process is fairly simple! The master goldsmiths at Quick Jewelry Repairs can professionally size your silver, gold or platinum rings to fit your finger perfectly. Ring re-sizing services are available for all ring sizes.

Cleaning & Polishing: Most jewelry can be cleaned at home. However, your precious and delicate EcoMoissanite piece might require cleaning and polishing from a specialist, in order to avoid potential damages. Quick Jewelry Repairs can clean, polish and restore your favorite jewelry and make them sparkle like new. In order to keep your jewelry in excellent condition, we recommend that you schedule professional cleaning and polishing once a year.

Professional Repairs: At EcoMoissanite, we understand that an unfortunate event should not cost you your favorite piece of jewelry. From a cracked ring to a bent or broken prong, Quick Jewelry Repairs will inspect and propose the best available options to ensure your jewelry can be worn safely. They will repair your jewelry and bring new life to all your daily-wear favorites. They will also look for signs of wear and tear and suggest essential repairs before problems develop. All repairs are performed in-house at Quick Jewelry Repairs by their team of master craftsmen.

For a complete list of the services offered by Quick Jewelry Repairs and for ordering them, please click here. Make sure to mention that you are an EcoMoissanite customer in the Special Instructions Box during the checkout process.

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