EcoMoissanite Reviews and Testimonials

I would like to thank EcoMoissanite's Team for their professionalism and dedicated customer service throughout the purchasing process. Alan kept me informed the entire way while my future Bride's ring was being created. Ensuring I had made the right choice going through them... showing confidence and integrity. The rings have now arrived (ahead of time) and are perfect in my opinion. I'd recommend Alan and his team to anybody looking for jewelry.

Dave Price

Ottawa, CA



This is my second purchase! Each experience has been wonderful and I have always been taken care of with the highest level of regard and care. EcoMoissanite’s customer service is just outstanding! I have never had such great personal service and such high quality jewelry. E-mails always get responded to immediately! I ordered a gorgeous custom halo ring for my birthday and received it the day before, just as I was told I would!


The ring is so sparkly and extremely well made. The pictures did not do justice! I have been wearing my ring ever since that day and continue to get compliments on it. Thank you for helping me get the ring of my dreams!! I will be back for the matching eternity band very soon!!


Taylor Brown

San Francisco, CA



I just got back from having dinner with my parents and they saw my ring. What a reaction! They are big time diamond fans and they could not believe how beautiful my ring was. The gem is flawless! Thank you again for this beautiful product. We'll certainly be in touch! A very satisfied customer - and also the luckiest woman in the world!

Michelle McNeil

Austin, TX



I got my wife a three stone ring, and boy does she loves it (as do I)! At least once a day, moissanite catches the light and shows off its beauty! All of her co-workers, friends and relatives have never questioned if it's a diamond or not, as it is so dazzling. One of the best things about making this purchase though was the variety of styles and your fantastic prices!


EcoMoissanite had the princess cut in a unique mount design that we couldn't even get in town. We received it quickly and it was packed well. We are so blown away by the whole service and product. From now on, we know we won’t have to check elsewhere for a future purchase!


Evan Jones

Albany, NY



Thank you so much. The ring got here on time and my girlfriend (now my fiancé) loved it. Her exact words were, “this is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen." It was perfect! I cannot thank you enough, and I too love the ring. I really appreciate your help getting it here so soon. We are both incredibly happy with this beautiful jewelry piece.


Taylor Tanner 

Cleveland, OH


I am getting married in two weeks, and have had the pleasure of wearing your 14K white gold estate solitaire ring with a 1ct cushion cut moissanite stone as an engagement ring. I didn't have the opportunity to work with you during the buying process, I left that to my lovely fiancé. However, I wanted you to know that everyone seems to love my ring. Close friends will always say it’s beautiful, but when (for example) the cashier leans all the way across the counter to hold my hand and take a look, that means something! Thank you.


Eva Collins

Seattle, WA


I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and honesty. I received my "package" and everything was perfect. The quality of the rings was simply amazing. Everyone that has seen the set has been floored by the obvious quality of the settings and the brilliance of the stones. The rings were everything you said they would be. You have a customer for life now. I will heartily recommend you to my friends and relatives.


Duane Moore

Jacksonville, FL



I just received my wedding ring and I am thrilled! I have to say my fiancé was very hesitant about buying a moissanite ring. To be honest, we had purchased before from another company (a similar ring) and were very disappointed with their workmanship. So when I found your website, we talked about it and decided to give EcoMoissanite a try. I am so glad we did! The ring is gorgeous and the presentation was very elegant. Thank you again! I can't wait to see everyone's reactions. I know they will not be able to tell the difference from a diamond.


Alexandra Robin

Houston, TX



I just received the shipment and the ring looks absolutely stunning! I am sure my soon-to-be-fiancé will be as awe-struck as I am with its beauty and elegance. I can't imagine any reason why I'd consider ever purchasing a diamond again. Moissanite is a strikingly attractive stone with a sparkle unlike any other. Thank you a thousand times over for your expeditious, friendly, and customer-focused service.


Blake Davis

Rochester, NY


The custom pendant I ordered came in the mail today. Again, I can't thank you enough for the products you offer. As I said in a previous e-mail, you make it easy for people on a strict budget to give a beautiful gift. I am as happy with the pendant as I was when I received the loose stone I purchased for my fiancé's engagement ring. Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday!


Scott Green

Tulsa, OK



I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help with my purchase of my wedding ring. When my husband saw it he could not believe what we actually paid for it. My Moissanite ring is already getting the attention of complete strangers. I love it! Thank you again and we will be in touch for future purchases.


Regina Edwards 

Washington, DC



Hey there! I don't believe I ever wrote in to thank you for the ring and the extra effort you went through to get the ring to me "on time" - absolutely phenomenal! The ring is more gorgeous than the pictures! She absolutely loved the ring, and was taken completely by surprise! I just wanted to (finally) get back to you and say "Thank you so much", for the fantastic ring and the fantastic service. I most definitely recommend you to anyone that I hear speaking of ring shopping! Customer service like that is hard to find, and I really appreciate it. Thank you again for everything!


George Allen

Napa, CA



What a surprise to find that my brother Gregory had ordered his wife such a special treat for Christmas from you! He and I had been talking about moissanite, and I told him that you had the finest service and the best prices. I guess after all, little brothers actually do listen to their big sisters. He and I were on the phone when the package arrived, and he was extremely happy with the entire presentation. He said the packaging was wonderful. So thank you for taking care of my brother and Fiona. It is almost like having a jeweler "in the family." I Hope my new job comes through so I, too, can order my little treat. Thank you again.


Carol Peterson

Plano, TX


Thank you again for the custom engagement ring. My fiancé, loves the ring. Everyone else who sees it thinks it looks wonderful as well. We are both very happy with the results. I did the proposal on a beautiful day by the ocean and boy did it shine. We were also surprised the next day at the quality of the lighting at church. Again, the brilliance of your moissanite is amazing.

Kevin Russell

Arlington, MA



I received the ring today. Your craftmashio took my breath away! You were right, the ring is absolutely gorgeous. I am very happy, and so pleased to have had a pleasant business relationship with you! The online photos underestimate IceMoissanite's brilliance. The ring is beautiful. It came in the prettiest box and it was beautifully presented. Thank you for such for this quality ring. I will enjoy it! Best Wishes to you.

Janet Evans

New York City, NY



I had pretty accurately anticipated how pretty the earrings would be – they are beautiful – but I didn’t come close to picturing how beautiful the anniversary ring would be. It is simply stunning! As nice as it looked online, your photos didn’t do it justice. Thank you so much for your personalised attention and for making sure that they arrived when I needed them.

John King

Columbus, OH



Our wedding was great! We are blessed. Marc loves his custom wedding band! Thank you so much for our beautiful rings, everyone loves them. I really wanted to email you sooner to say thank you but things have been so crazy. We will always keep you in mind whenever we hear of someone looking for jewelry. We have our one year anniversary coming up in few months, but hey, it’s never too soon to plan. Again, thank you so much!

Marc and Renee Robinson

Buffalo, NY


My wife loved her Moissanite earrings, I gave them to her in the hospital a few hours after the birth of our child, Ava Marie. Thank you for packaging the earrings with care, getting them out in a timely fashion, and most of all, for being so friendly. It was a pleasure doing business with you, I will recommend your service in the future, and best of luck.

Anthony Clark

Jersey City, NJ


I wanted to write to you and thank you for your help in finding the perfect loose moissanite stone for my upcoming engagement. This past weekend, I had the stone set in a beautiful setting and I must say, I couldn't be happier. I am a teacher in the New York City School System and my budget is limited. You make it easy for someone to purchase a quality product that is absolutely gorgeous, at an affortable price. Thank you for making my special day even better!

Scott Howard

New York City, NY



I am writing to you tonight because I just got engaged and I have to tell you, my moissanite ring is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. IT'S FANTASTIC! My fiancé Mario and I debated for some time on whether or not to get moissanite. After I spoke with Alan, he put my mind at ease. I told my fiancé that this would be much wiser and more beautiful and I was right. He was a little reluctant because he felt that a diamond would signify more, but now that I have my ring I know we are both happy. I am so glad now, I know we made the right choice. Thank you so much for all your help, I look forward to ordering from you in the future!

Emmy & Mario Cooper

Chicago, IL



We received our 5 stone shared prong white gold moissanite ring yesterday, and I am truly stunned by how gorgeous it is. More importantly, my wife absolutely loves it. Her engagement ring is a 3 stone diamond ring, with similar size. If I want to be nice to myself, I'd say the two look equally good, but honestly, I think her moissanite ring from EcoMoisanite looks better. The pictures on your website do not (and couldn't) do it justice. My wife actually can't stop talking about how much she likes the setting, either. Thank you for your excellent customer service, and your commitment to providing a fine product. Others who are on the fence as I was should know - moissanite jewelry from EcoMoissanite will not disappoint.

Joe Powell

Anaheim, CA



Our moissanite ring arrived today and I must agree with you, that the ring is gorgeous. We looked at countless web pages and I am pleased that I chose to do business with you. No doubt she will be thrilled with it. Thank you for your prompt attention to every inquiry and delivering a product exactly as described. You may let others know that I feel that your service is what truly exceeds expectation. Thank you so much for a memorable piece of jewelry that we will both cherish forever.

Todd Morris

St. Paul, MN



I just wanted to tell you how much I love the moissanite ring I ordered!!! It is incredibly beautiful and I get compliments on it daily! The ring is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. The green box the ring came in was gorgeous. EcoMoissanite was such a pleasure to do business with. I will definitely be a return customer sometime in the future. I cannot thank you enough. 

Jenny Thomas

Stockton, CA


Robert gave me my Moissanite ring on is more gorgeous than I imagined! I mean it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen! Thank you so much for the great deal I almost feel guilty when I show it off and people comment how beautiful it is and I don't mention moissanite... is that bad? Gosh - I love it! I can't stop looking at it! You must love your work!

Rachel Cook

Toledo, OH



I picked up my moissanite earrings on Wednesday and I must say that I'm very pleased and impressed. They are absolutely gorgeous. I compared them against a pair of diamond studs I have and I am surprised at the difference in brilliance. Moissanite is by far superior! I'm very happy with my purchase.

Mahlayna Turner

San Diego, CA


I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived safely in Birmingham. Thank you so much for your prompt service and for the beautiful loose moissanite stone. Today was a special day for me and getting the gorgeous moissanite stone on this day makes it extra special. I took it right to a jeweler to have it set in my mounting and it's stunning! A couple people at the jeweler's thought it was a diamond and reached for the tester when I brought it in. I love how it looks! Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate it.


Muriel Sullivan

Birmingham, AL


My gorgeous Moissanite bracelet arrived today! It is more beautiful than the picture, and my husband said it looks like it was made for me. The size is plenty loose, so it moves on my wrist but doesn't completely turn to the other side. It's perfect. The two heart diamonds are such a dazzling way to commemorate out thirteenth anniversary year as well as Christmas. Thank you much, I told Chuck I wish you were located closer. I'd love to get to know you more.


Barbara Scott

Cincinnati, OH



Thank you for making the extra effort to ensure that my wife received her moissanite ring for Christmas. All the packages arrived on Christmas Eve. Your ring bag put an exclamation point on a fabulous gift giving and receiving experience. My wife, Barbara, cried tears of joy for 10 minutes! She absolutely loves her eternity band. Mission accomplished. I'm confident that we will do business again.

Drew Brooks

Chicago, IL


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that I was presented with my moissanite earrings today, and they are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life! I have a smaller pair of diamond solitaires, and my ears are pierced twice. When I wear both pair at the same time, the moissanite puts the diamonds to shame! I am sure that I made the right choice by asking for moissanite, and I am officially a convert. I want a necklace now, as well as a bracelet. Not to mention the dream engagement ring that I am waiting for. Thank you so much for all of your help, and I hope to be writing again soon about my next purchase.

Tanika Cox

Charlotte, NC


Our Moissanite rings are absolutely beautiful. I am truly mesmerised by their brilliance, fire and sparkle. Moissanite is truly a spectacular gem. My husband and I are completely satisfied with both of our rings. Thank you again for making our purchase such a worry-free experience. Your professionalism, attentiveness and caring manner made us feel very comfortable each step of the way. You are true to your word.

Joanne Johnson

Stockton, CA



I received my moissanite ring (radiant solitaire) yesterday and I am ecstatic! I've waited a long time to find just the right ring and the waiting was worth it. It's absolutely perfect and it's exactly what I wanted. My fiance is pleased as well. I can't stop looking at it. Thank you for making me comfortable with my purchase and sending the ring so quickly. I've already hinted around that now I want a tennis bracelet from you.

Karen Bennett

St. Louis, MO


I have to tell you that I just got engaged on top of a very famous lighthouse and gave my new fiancé her 2.48 Solitaire and she was stunned at the ring I gave her. She was very happy that it fitted her style. Your gem stood out just enough, so people would go WOW. My mother and her mother are a little bit wiser than most people and they both swore I must have spent over $20,000 for this ring. I WILL be in touch for the matching bands very soon. You have made my life a little bit easier and for this I'm very thankful.

Jason Richardson

Greensboro, NC


I had to get my EcoMoissanite ring sized slightly smaller and I took it in to a jeweler and they tested my ring to see if it was a diamond and of course it tested positive. I smiled really big when I asked, what your tests say it is, she said "a diamond". I smiled with a little smirk and she said "is that moissanite?", I said yes and she grabbed my hand and commented on how beautiful it was and then asked all sorts of questions and then asked for your website. I wrote your website down on HER business card!! She told me that I should be your spokesperson because I was in her store "selling" moissanite. I am sure all your customers feel that way! I still can't stop looking at how beautiful it is!


Lisa Barnes

San Diego, CA


I just got it today and I LOVE IT! This is the prettiest ring I have ever seen! I love it in white gold and am so glad that I went with a change. I can't stop looking at it and can't wait to show it off. The gem is so pretty and the ring is so unique compared to what I have seen in stores around here. Thank you so much for all of your help. I will be handing your cards out like crazy I'm sure! When I run out I will email you for more.

Lisa Lee

Portland, OR



I am writing to thank you for your wonderful service and your beautiful products. The Moissanite ring that I ordered arrived, and it is beyond description. I had recently lost a very valuable ring, and chose to replace it through your company. I couldn't be happier, and the pictures on the website cannot do justice to the brilliance of my new ring. Thank you again, for exchanging the ring I ordered in white gold by mistake. I don't know very many companies that would have ever exchanged a custom ordered ring, if any!!

Cynthia Foster

Apopka, FL


I knew that my moissanite ring was incredibly beautiful. But now I've had it confirmed by a "professional." I was in my favourite family owned jewelry store today picking up a bracelet that had been in for repair. The jeweler saw my new oval cut with round side stones estate ring and said it was "a spectacularly beautiful ring." I told him that it was moissanite. He said, "No one will ever know it isn't natural diamonds." And to top his comments off, he pointed to a case of large diamonds and said, "If it were a diamond ring, it would sell for between $35,000 and $40,000." Wow! I am ecstatic about the ring! Thank you for the professional way you handled the order and for being genuinely excited for me!

Jeanne Wood 

Miami, FL


The moissanite ring was delivered on Monday morning. It is a perfect fit, and it is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. We went out Monday, and I chose a band that I think works with the ring. I hope to send a picture.... Thank you so much for your effort to get the ring here quickly. It was wonderful working with you. I have a feeling I will be sending business your way.

Sara Perez

San Francisco, CA


We got the Moissanite earrings and they are beautiful. Thank you again. My wife is very happy with them and she now wants something special for her birthday in September. My mother and her mother also are in love with the earrings and want to place orders soon with you. Thank you!


Ben and Amy Clive

Sacramento, CA



I wanted to let you know that we received our moissanite ring today and OH MY GOD!!!! It is the most beautiful ring in the world. We wanted to thank you for your professionalism. You have made this experience wonderful. The presentation of the ring is like nothing we have ever seen. It was charming and lovely. I will let everyone I know about our experience with you. You will be hearing from us soon about our bands. With So Much Appreciation.

Theresa and Gus Dimitriadis

Leslie, CT


My moissanite ring came and I am just thrilled! It’s simply beautiful! First of all let me say how elegant the presentation was. Thank you so much, that was charming. The ring is so lovely that I keep looking at it on my finger as I type. Moissanite is amazing! I would never buy a mined diamond. This has every bit of the beauty and impact. Plus, I feel good about not contributing to an industry with all the falsely inflated prices. I cannot stop thinking of those who mine diamonds, while laboring in awful conditions. I simply cannot tell the difference between this stone and a fine mined diamond. Thank you so much, I am very happy with my purchase.

Kara Barber

Chicago, IL


My fiance absolutely loved her three stone moissanite ring. The stones were stunning and their brilliance is beyond what we had hoped for. The quality, workmanship, and attention to detail put into our ring was truly amazing. In addition, you provided timely and outstanding service while helping us find the perfect ring. Without any hesitation, I would recommend EcoMoissanite to anyone shopping for a top notch ring, stone combination.

George Bartlett

Houston, TX


I finally got the Moissanite ring this morning from my neighbour and it is a spectacular piece of fine jewelry. I immediately compared it to her fine diamond jewelry and it is amazing how it looks so much like a natural diamond... the brilliance and sparkle is what I immediately noticed when I opened your green box. I have to get a pendant now and I am certain I am going to get it from you. I sincerely thank you for the attention to detail and your exemplary customer service.

Camille Franklin

Oakland, CA



Your moissanite earrings just arrived!!! I wish they were for me. I looked at them and they took my breath away. My sister is going to be so delighted and happy. Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate the nice way you wrapped them up and for the Digital Certificate. You are very professional and I dearly appreciate it. I will start saving my pennies for new platinum studs!! Thank you!

Taylor Kirk

San Francisco, CA

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