Buy Now - Pay Later Custom Moissanite Jewelry


In line with our ‘affordable luxury’ principle, EcoMoissanite makes it easy for you to own our beautiful jewelry. For your convenience, you can Buy Now and Pay Later by splitting the total purchase amount into two easy instalments. This flexible 2-step payment process is simple and can be completed in 5 minutes. Your first payment of 50% is due upfront in order for us to begin the jewelry manufacturing process. The Lay-Buys’ system will automatically complete the final 50% payment in 30 days time.

Our manufacturing time is only 2-4 weeks for all of our made-to-order pieces. This means that by the time your last payment is finalized, your jewelry will be ready and sent out to you via our courier service. Please note: The jewelry will be held until your outstanding balance is fully paid off.

How Lay-Buys Work

EcoMoissanite Lay-Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All Lay-Buy payments are automatically set up in PayPal’s encrypted environment.

We will ship your jewelry after the final payment is processed.
There are no ongoing costs – only a one-off admin fee payable to Lay-Buys company.

1.9% for orders over $300
2.9% for orders between $200 and $300
3.9% for orders between $100 and $200

There are no interest charges or late fees.
Lay-Buy instalments are auto-paid from your linked card or PayPal account balance.
Yes, you can payout your balance anytime. Simply contact us and we will send you an email with an embedded payout payment link.
You need to make sure that funds are available by having an active card linked to your PayPal account.
Yes. You can settle your balance at any time prior the automated monthly payment by contacting us.
PayPal will auto attempt to charge your account in five days. You will receive a notification by the platform about it.

You can e-mail us and we will invoice you for any missed payments.

Yes, you can check all your Lay-Buy payment details in your PayPal account. Please go to settings >> payments >> pre-approved payments.
PayPal can auto-cancel a payment plan if the recurring payments cannot be linked to an active card or due to insufficient funds.

Thank you! You have successfully signed up. Please click here to download our Moissanite Size Chart. Your 5% Discount Code is: MOISSYLOVE